Frak is a game development company from Finland. We have released one mobile game, Gladiator Bastards. Frak has also been experimenting VR and AR applications. Find contact information at the bottom of the page!

Latest from the Blog:

Busy taking on China

We have been busy with the localization of our fighting game to the Chinese market. Yep, that's right, Gladiator Bastards (or as they say in Chinese: Ch?ofán jué dòushì, Extraordinary Gladiator) is going to invade China!

It is practically impossible to sell your game without any help in China if you are a small game making company from Finland like us. Fortunately we have a partnership with a Finnish company which specializes in distributing games in China and they have seen the potential of Gladiator Bastards in the Asian market. Our distributor partner has helped us through a lot of complicated bureaucracy and red tape in order to have our game released in the land of the dragons. This alone is a tough cracker to deal with as a westerner but then you have to also deal with the complicated cultural differences between the east and the west and adjust your game accordingly.

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