What the FRAK

Tuesday 14.10.2014
So what is Frak? Frak ltd is a game development company based at Tampere, Finland.

Frak was founded at the beginning of 2014 and we started working with Unity around march of the same year. At the start there was only two guys Ville Lähde as a concept developer and Seppo Säämäki on the code.

The idea was an AR (Augmented Reality) ghost hunting game for mobile devices, where a guy takes photos of ghosts running wild in the streets. The gameplay idea was a combination of geocaching and shoot em' up to describe it more accurately. Ville had seen this sort of a game in one of his hangover dreams roughly a year ago. Now it was time to make it real!

But little did Ville knew about the possibilities of current mobile devices and the game design. When Seppo came on board to write code and explore the possibilities what could be done with Unity, our possibilities expanded and our plans had to be re-imagined.

So here we are, six months later with a few scrapped demos, one helluva level editor and a new Augmented Reality game in the making! But we are only at the beginning... 

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Author: Ville lähde