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Introducing Provocator

For the most part of the year 2014, Frak was prototyping and learning new techniques about what we could do on mobile platforms and also in the realm of virtual reality. But now the time has come to come out of the closet and introduce the world to our fighting game project that is steaming ahead at an enormous speed!

The game is called PROVOCATOR (work title). It is a 2D tournament fighting game for iOS and Android devices. The game is based on Universal Fighting Engine (UFE) but Provocator is more than just your average tournament fighter. It is a fighting game with a solid storyline and with some RPG elements!

Experimenting Vuforia. Check out demo videos

At the very core of augmented reality based applications there is this thing called image recognition. Basically it means that when an image is viewed through the camera of a device, this image is recognized and it's orientation and distance can be determined within application.

When we know the distance and orientation of the image against our mobile device, we can use this information to create 3D space in our application that appears to be a part of the image that is viewed with camera.

What the FRAK

So what is Frak? Frak ltd is a game development company based at Tampere, Finland. Frak was founded at the beginning of 2014 and we started working with Unity around march of the same year. At the start there was only two guys Ville Lähde as a concept developer and Seppo Säämäki on the code.