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Gladiator Bastards soft launches soon

Damn! It has certainly been a while since the last blog update! The last time we blogged (almost nine months ago!!), our game was only a fraction or less of what it stands today. Even the name has been changed since. Our tournament fighting game is now called Gladiator Bastards: The Champions of Caligula!

There has been some major changes to gameplay. For instance, we no longer have a single provocateur in the game but six! We also gave up chapter based story structure and focus on character based fast paced tournaments.

Introducing Provocator

For the most part of the year 2014, Frak was prototyping and learning new techniques about what we could do on mobile platforms and also in the realm of virtual reality. But now the time has come to come out of the closet and introduce the world to our fighting game project that is steaming ahead at an enormous speed!

The game is called PROVOCATOR (work title). It is a 2D tournament fighting game for iOS and Android devices. The game is based on Universal Fighting Engine (UFE) but Provocator is more than just your average tournament fighter. It is a fighting game with a solid storyline and with some RPG elements!