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Busy taking on China

We have been busy with the localization of our fighting game to the Chinese market. Yep, that's right, Gladiator Bastards (or as they say in Chinese: Ch?ofán jué dòushì, Extraordinary Gladiator) is going to invade China!

It is practically impossible to sell your game without any help in China if you are a small game making company from Finland like us. Fortunately we have a partnership with a Finnish company which specializes in distributing games in China and they have seen the potential of Gladiator Bastards in the Asian market. Our distributor partner has helped us through a lot of complicated bureaucracy and red tape in order to have our game released in the land of the dragons. This alone is a tough cracker to deal with as a westerner but then you have to also deal with the complicated cultural differences between the east and the west and adjust your game accordingly.

This Christmas fight like a Bastard

I find it hard to believe that I am finally writing this particular blog entry. A blog entry about the release of our first mobile game GLADIATOR BASTARDS! I am also pretty excited with the game! It has fast paced action, it is has responsible controls via virtual controls (which is quite an achivement considering that this game is played by touch screen) and a twist of crude humour. I think it is safe to say that it is at least the best finnish made tournament fighting game. To our knowledge, Elfmania was the previous one.

Oh man! It took us a little under couple of years to create this tournament fighting game from scratch. You might think that it is pretty long time to spend on one mobile game and basically it is, but keep in mind that almost everything that we did was learned during the progress.

We heard you

The new beta release of GLADIATOR BASTARDS is coming out this September!

The jolly guys of Frak have been laying low for the summer. We even had a chance to spend some holiday time to relax and charge those game making batteries. However, we've not been completely slacking out. The new beta release of GLADIATOR BASTARDS is coming out this September!

Gladiator Bastards beta launch

The time has come to start the Gladiator Bastards beta! Go to this url: and follow the instructions depending on your device. Beta testing is available on Android and iOS!

The game has bugs and it is missing key elements such as character development, achievements and network gameplay. We need your input wipe out all bugs and we'd like to hear your opinions of the game and ideas for further development!

PGC London 2016

The Frak guys traveled all the way from Tampere Finland to a sunny and warm (on finnish standards) London to have a good time at Pocket Gamer Connects London 18-19th of january 2016.

Gladiator Bastards soft launches soon

Damn! It has certainly been a while since the last blog update! The last time we blogged (almost nine months ago!!), our game was only a fraction or less of what it stands today. Even the name has been changed since. Our tournament fighting game is now called Gladiator Bastards: The Champions of Caligula!

There has been some major changes to gameplay. For instance, we no longer have a single provocateur in the game but six! We also gave up chapter based story structure and focus on character based fast paced tournaments.