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Mobile device talks with browser

There might be some situations that you wish you could operate your browser screen with your mobile device(s) or vice versa. Let's say you want to extend your desktop to a browser screen for instance dropping an article for later reading without having to browse to an article on your mobile screen. Or would you like as a game developer use the browser screen as an extended display for a mobile game, to display statistics or items or things like that?

Well this and more can be done using QR codes, WebSockets and Javascript, but first we must connect our device with the browser in use. You could do this in several ways. You could make the user to punch in a random code from browser screen to mobile device or vice versa, but the user don't want to do that, right? You could use NFC tags, but then you'd be stuck with static codes and physical NFC stickers attached on your computer. That is no good.