What is Frak?

Frak ltd is game dev company from Finland, Tampere. We have launched our first game GLADIATOR BASTARDS on Android and soon it will be on iOS too. Gladiator Bastards is a classic arcade style tournament fighter game with virtual controller, selectable gladiator characters, in-app purchases and buckets of blood for mature audiences!

Frak Crew

Photo of Ville

Ville Lähde

CEO and concept developer
As a founder and CEO of Frak ltd, Ville has some crazy ideas to be converted into digital fantasies. Ville is a serious movie, tech and game freak. Always been, always will be.

Seppo Säämäki

Lead programmer
Official mad scientist of Frak. Oldschool hacker who still loves his Commodore 64.

Photo of Seppo

Contact us

P.O. Box 43, Pyhäjärvenkatu 5 A, FI-33211, Tampere Finland

Tel. +358103098103


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